Submit to the Subbed In
Chapbook Prize



he Subbed In Chapbook Prize is open for submissions! After the success of last year’s publications, we’re casting our manuscript callout Australia-wide.


We wish to amplify the voices of those most underrepresented. We strongly encourage trans people, people of colour, non-binary people, women, people with a disability, queer people, First Nations People, sex workers, survivors, working class people, and anyone who finds themselves on the margins of the supremely white, cis, heteronormative, capitalist, colonial, ableist, patriarchal hellscape to submit their manuscripts.


The Subbed In Chapbook Prize is as much a development opportunity as it is a publishing project. As such, we’d love to support and work with emerging writers and/or writers who have not previously published a book.

In terms of form, we’re interested in poetry, collections of micro fiction/nonfiction, or a blend of these mediums.

In terms of spirit, we’re interested in publishing writing that quietly(/loudly) shatters universes(/hellscapes), robs us of breath (also known as 'breath burgulars'), sets hearts chortling, devastates and destroys and rebuilds, stuff that’s weird but not experimental, stuff that’s experimental but not avant garde. Writing against the times. Work from the upside down. Writing that comes straight from the heart to land in between.

We urge folks to read the books Subbed In has previously published before submitting. We believe this is the best way to gain a sense of what we are interested in publishing.


Novels. We are currently not interested in novels. Please don’t send us novels or novellas.


Submissions will be open from 25 January 2018 - 1 July 2018 (closing midnight AEST).

Submissions must be submitted via Submittable. Manuscripts submitted via email or other means will not be read or considered.

There is no reading fee and it is free to submit. As we are a small operation, we currently don’t have the resources to offer complimentary personalised feedback on manuscripts.

Authors must be based in Australia.

Simultaneous submissions are a-okay with us (we’re not monsters) but please inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere.

We recommend potential submitters to read the books currently in Subbed In’s catalogue to gauge an idea of what we are looking for.

Manuscripts can include works that have been previously published. Please include an acknowledgments page for work previously published in your manuscript.

It is expected that you will be willing to engage in promotional opportunities for your book. This includes being involved in readings organised by Subbed In and other organisations.

Anyone who submits work to Subbed In will be automatically subscribed to our emailing list. We assume you are submitting to Subbed In because you interested in our work and the goings-on of Subbed In. You can expect emails from us about one to four times per month and it’s super easy to unsubscribe.

Subbed In reserves the right not to award a prize.


  • Your work will be enshrined in a beautifully and professionally designed, printed and published book.

  • You will work with a professional editor to further develop your manuscript. If you aren’t prepared to engage in the editorial process then sorry this prize is not for you!

  • A first print run of 80 copies of your book with sights set on a second print run. Last year’s prize winners sold out and entered a second print run.

  • Your book will be published in both print and digital formats with an option to publish an audiobook version.

  • A generous royalty rate for print, digital, and audio copies of your book.

  • A super dooper book launch.

  • Collaboration with Subbed In on a marketing and publicity plan for your book.

  • Subbed In will distribute your book and sell it online as well as at events and festivals.

  • A publishing contract.

  • You can expect to retain all permanent rights to your work.


What is a chapbook?

We like to think of ‘chapbook’ as a fancy word for a book that is heaps shorter than Infinite Jest. Heaps, heaps shorter. Generally speaking though, it is a book that is approximately 30-70 pages in length. For poetry, this might mean 25-50 poems. For prose, this might be about 12,000-20,000 words. As a guide (and a good read!), we urge writers to check out the chapbooks Subbed In has previously published. If you have any further questions, please get in touch by emailing

Does my manuscript need to be finished when I submit it?

In short: mostly, yes. We encourage emerging writers and writers who have not published a book previously. This means that if your manuscript is very nearly finished at the time of submission, and it is really good, we are happy to develop your work further via collaboration with an editor. We're keen for manuscripts with potential.

What does ‘emerging writer’ mean?

Good question! We take the term to mean any writer who either hasn't won the Miles Franklin Award or published a book via a major publisher. Tim Winton and Richard Flanagan need not apply. Please note that we do not equate 'emerging' and 'young'. They are completely different things.

How long is a ‘micro fiction’?

In the Subbed In world a micro fiction is up to 1000 words.

Thank you for considering Subbed In. We look forward to reading your work. 💕