This house is condemned


We recently made the very difficult decision to close down Ibis House indefinitely. We have no money.

I was self-funding Ibis House out of my primary school teacher pay check. We’ve had zero success with grants so time to call it a day for now. We hope to return again in the future. Artist tips will remain open.

All work on Ibis House will remain online. Thanks to everyone who submitted to Ibis House and we hope you’ll enjoy revisiting these great works.

Don’t forget, Subbed In/IbisHouse released a free ebook PDF entitled SLAB SERIF – An anthology of writing from Ibis House 2018. Dig it and download it.

Good news is that Subbed In will continue to run its program of events and book publishing. We look forward to sharing new work with you in print and over at the Subbed In main website very soon.

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- Dan