Goths Just Wanna Have Fun • All The Small Things


Goths Just Wanna Have Fun

I’m fanging for another #GothSummer oh shit!
only just realised that cigarette emoji
is right above coffin emoji

it’s midnight
my sister is doing my makeup and pauses to say
: “well… I once made a prosthetic eye while driving…”
hell yeah, girl!
that’s goth AF!!!
like how my partner’s black cat won’t stop eating cobwebs

A L L    G O T H    E V E R Y T H I N G
but hey, honestly, I can’t stop thinking about how
being trans* is so fucking metal
like sometimes I get shot in the face with a fucking laser!

also btw:
salad is cool now
flowers are the only art
and fruit contains the earth’s tasty blood
don’t forget to stay hydrated
and look after the ones you love
(hail satan)

All The Small Things

I’m excited for all the small things

like wearing a floral dress outside
in the summer for the first time

and I’m not going to let something small
like a penis stop me from being a woman

that’s a joke
I have that big dick energy

my girl dick is so big
the first time I wore a skirt
to my therapists office
he asked me if I wanted him to teach me
how to tuck


About the author

Heather Joan Day is a writer, filmmaker, and musician living in Melbourne on Wurundjeri land. She works closely with her brother Mark Day on projects including the web series Everything’s Going To Be Fine and the goth pop band Fine Hearts. Her poetry and memoir can be found in Scum Mag, Plaything Magazine, Going Down Swinging, The Lifted Brow, and elsewhere.

IG: @heatherjoanday

Twitter: @emo_flowers

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