blur by the, by Cham Zhi Yi

blur by the, by Cham Zhi Yi


blur by the is a collection of fractures that make not quite a whole. It is a giving of permission to the self, to exist as messily as ( i s ). These poems are a record of navigation through longing and dis [ place ] ment of the body and of place, a shattering of expectation(s) of the self and of family, often through dreams, food and eroticism. blur by the is a yearning for freedom from grief, memory, and—ultimately—from definition.

The form through which the poems take in blur by the is dancing-in-your-bedroom free, un-velcro-ed false bravado free. The poems eat a lot and hope to feed you too.

First edition. Perfect bound. 95 pages.

ISBN: 9780648147541 

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About the author

Zhi is a Malaysian woman currently based on Ngunnawal and Ngambri country which now exists as the esoteric wormhole known as Canberra. She is a believer of deep joy mediocrity and aspires to full time tenderness. She is best digitised on instagram @chamzhiyi.