Girls and Buoyant, by Emily Crocker

Girls and Buoyant, by Emily Crocker


Emily Crocker complicates home and family in her debut book, Girls and Buoyant. With sensitivity and wry observation, Crocker explores old suburbs and new loves at the intersections of intimate moments and where late capitalism pokes at our lives. Girls and Buoyant is a striking debut poetry collection as Crocker presents an unflinching examination of life outside the margins of the urbanised middle class.

Second edition with a new cover. Perfect bound. 62 pages.

ISBN: 9780648147527 

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Praise for Girls and Buoyant

“Crocker has a vivid way with her imagery, an almost casual ability to draw attention to the unexpected. How can ‘the names of the other rocks’ move out of someone’s ‘mind like an abattoir’?” - David Dick, Cordite Poetry Review

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About the author

Emily Crocker is a poet who came of age in Wollongong's spoken word scene while studying at the University of Wollongong. Her debut book of poetry Girls and Buoyant was released by Subbed In in 2017. She is based in Sydney.