HAUNT (THE KOOLIE), by Jason Gray

HAUNT (THE KOOLIE), by Jason Gray


Mauritian culture is too often known in the West for the dodo: an extinct, flightless bird who inhabited the island and died out during European colonisation.

HAUNT (THE KOOLIE) is experimental poetry about growing up bi-cultural; a neo-Coolie meditation, exorcism of racial bigotry and satire of fear-mongering, from a decolonial Mauritian-Australian perspective.

Suburban mainstream yachts grow, giant

weeds in driveways, outlaw

gutter trophies, never seem to

Like! Find water?

But: I am Black enough to hold

the Whiteness in me

on me and @-me, account without counting

a graceless film-fade into seething light

hide colour, enlighten or die

settling, whiny-rewind VHS scores

(At Aussie, we’ll save you!)

First edition. Perfect bound. 74 pages.

ISBN: 9780648147596

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About the author

Jason Gray is a Mauritian-Australian writer who has lived mainly in North-West and South-West Sydney, and writes towards and about youth, being Xennial/Millennial, bi-cultural and a Person of Colour, pop culture and forms of media, toxic/White patriarchal and restorative/progressive masculinity, anti-racism, anti-colonialism, displacement, suburbia, home and staying kind in this late (anti-)capitalist hellscape. Twitter @jasongray85