If you’re sexy and you know it slap your hams, by Eloise Grills

If you’re sexy and you know it slap your hams, by Eloise Grills


If you're sexy and you know it slap your hams is a darkly funny, irreverently angry, and stupidly erotic contemplation of what it means to be a person, especially a sexy person, especially a sexy fat person, with supple, slappable hams.

This is a good book for bad people, no judgement. A good book of poems for people who like a procession of dogs’ dicks, bodily fluids, naked old ladies, groundhogs, asses, nose picking, depression and bisexual innuendo. A poetry collection like nothing else but actually like a lot of other things. Pushing the sad into the funny and back into the sad again, this book provides a portrait of a young human coping with a cruel and indifferent universe, love, life, mental illness, celebrity culture; and smizing all the way down. This poetry collection is a fat wet tongue writhing with pleasure and agony in the mouth of a culture overflowing with bad behaviour, worse intentions and even worse, smellier saliva. This book is like chicken soup for the soul, except someone misheard and they used chicken poop instead. And now they have chicken poop instead of a soul. Eloise Grills tears her time-space continuum a new one, slapping our sumptuous hams over and over; so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the arse.

First edition. Perfect bound. 114 pages.

ISBN: 9780648147589 

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About the author

Eloise Grills is an award-winning writer, comics artist and poet living in Melbourne, but like all esteemed Melbourne writers they are actually from Geelong. Their writing and art have appeared in places like The Lifted Brow, Cosmonauts Avenue, Meanjin, and Cordite, among others. Their graphic novel, Sexy Female Murderesses, was published by Glom Press in 2018. They are currently working on their first memoir about big fat sexy bodies. This is their first collection of poetry.