Parenthetical Bodies by Allison Gallagher

Parenthetical Bodies by Allison Gallagher


Parenthetical Bodies by Allison Gallagher holds you close and says “it’s okay, things are weird”. These poems are about what it takes to be in and amongst bodies, to be loving and empathetic in the internet age, or to survive in a city being slowly crushed under the weight of its own housing bubble.

Parenthetical Bodies explores queerness and transgressive bodies. Hope glimmers and shakes as Gallagher entwines tenderness and heartache, surfing dogs and estrogen pills. Gallagher’s debut collection is packed with writing that is instantly loveable and as eviscerating as it is gentle.

Second edition with a new cover. Perfect bound. 52 pages.

ISBN: 9780648147510 

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Praise for Parenthetical Bodies

“Just as identity is relational (it is made with/by your community) and ancestral, in collaboration with an internal felt sense of who you are, I see Parenthetical Bodies in a web-structure of literature from punk-queers and dry-humoured sad loners, creating space for other (othered) bodies and experiences.” - Frankie Hanman Siegersma, Australian Poetry

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About the author

Allison Gallagher is a writer whose work primarily explores queerness and transgressive bodies. Her work has been published in The Guardian, Overland and Kill Your Darlings, among others. Her first poetry collection, Parenthetical Bodies, was released in 2017 through Subbed In, and she is currently working on its follow-up.