PRE-ORDER: Uncle Hercules and other lies, by Patrick Lenton

PRE-ORDER: Uncle Hercules and other lies, by Patrick Lenton


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Prepare to have your heart warmed, tickled, shattered, and put back together with sticky tape as Uncle Hercules and other lies barrels through a collection of tender and tenderised non-fictions.

Shortlisted for the Scribe Non-fiction Prize, Uncle Hercules and other lies is gooey with incroyable half-fibs, formative moments, and bad life choices. Think Lydia Davis meets Arthur Bradford but on a chair lift; or John Waters meets Leslie Knope by a happenchance procured by a snake. Also, Skyrim Dog.

First edition. Perfect bound. 168 pages.

ISBN: 9780648147534

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About the author

Patrick Lenton is the Entertainment Editor at Junkee, and the author of the book of short stories A Man Made Entirely of Bats. His fiction and essays have been published in The Best Australian Stories, Going Down Swinging, The Lifted Brow, Scum Mag, The Best Australian Comedy Writing, Growing Up Queer in Australia and more. As a journalist, he's written for The Guardian, VICE, and more.

He is tragically online, and might be best known for his weird viral stories like Skyrim Dog, or his feud with Antoni from Queer Eye, which is depressing. He tweets @patricklenton.