wheeze, by Marcus Whale

wheeze, by Marcus Whale


A wheeze is the sound air makes when it hits the constricted trachea, the sound of meat meeting air. wheeze is a collection of poems about the ghostly possession of the body. It's desire as a force and not a lack. It's Pazuzu from The Exorcist. It's compulsive journalling. It's the reading someone else's body language as a gothic form of divination. It's the dark art of crushing, when the consuming thought of that distant other person enters you through the windpipe like a second body.

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First edition. Perfect bound. 64 pages.

ISBN: 9780648147558 

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About the author

Marcus Whale is a musician and artist working on Gadigal land. He has made music as part of groups Collarbones and BV, as well as work under his own name, releasing the album Inland Sea in 2016. 

As a performer in a visual art context, his works are mostly produced in collaboration with other artists including Athena Thebus and Eugene Choi. These works mine mythologies of longing and shame, often appropriating the high drama of religious ritual. 

Forming a companion to this performance work, he has a writing practice across poetry, fiction and non-fiction, including Devotionals, a debut collection of poems published by Ruin Press in 2015.