I am interviewed before my critically acclaimed Like a Version performance on Triple J, a radio station I have not listened to since 2009

by Adalya Nash Hussein



delusions of grandeur ……..still


I imagine myself

describing how I could never imagine

myself here                (there    not here)


The host, Alex:

(a safe bet, white and gender neutral)


The host, Alex:

            that song of course was Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ you’re listening to mornings on triple J with Alex and Alex

            We’re joined in studio today by Adalya

            by ????????

            for Like a Version thanks so much for being here


Adalya, Me:

            Thanks so much for having me


The other host, Alex:

            Well Adalya,

            Well guys,

            Well    ,,          can you tell us a bit about what you’ve brought in today??


Adalya, Me:

            haha yeah! as soon as i got the call i knew what i had to bring:

  • hair body face by Gaga baby!!!

  • a queer reimagining of Charlie Puth's 'BOY'

  • influenced by Cher, the entire discography of ABBA

  • Joanna Newsom's 'Colleen', because i really like whales

The host, Alex:

            Now    you and Newsom are both classically trained, but interestingly not in voice,     do you think that’s part of what draws you to her music??


Adalya, Me:

            Yeah definitely, playing in an orchestra      playing these big symphonies

playing music with so many people

it really changes        like      your ear

you learn to be so quiet and so loud as a collective

                        a way of forgetting your body


                        or a way of performing its grandness / glamour /mechanics separate to your self


The host, Alex:

            It sounds like we’re in for a real treat

            Alright well let’s get into it lets get into the reason we’re here let’s get into the cover this is like a version we’re joined by Adalya who’s about to give us the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto!


Adalya, Me:

            Fuck you Roy! You never believed I could do this!!


The host, Alex:

            Take it away!


sculpted body

structured gown

mugler / rodarte / balenciaga

                        (great gowns,, beautiful gowns)


an effortless magnetism

a quiet presence

unsettling gaze


my voice is good

but most voices are good

but sometimes maybe       my voice is exceptional


gloves to my shoulders

hair past my butt

thanks so much for having me


About the author

Adalya Nash Hussein is a writer, editor and educator. Her work has appeared in Voiceworks, The Lifted Brow, The Suburban Review and Going Down Swinging. She has been shortlisted for the Scribe Nonfiction Prize, has been an Emerging Writers' Festival Melbourne Recital Centre Writer in Residence and is a current Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellow. She is the Online Editor of The Lifted Brow and a nonfiction editor for Voiceworks.

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