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Ibis House is an online literarararararary journal by Subbed In.

Ibis House aims to amplify work from the margins—voices who find themselves on the margins of the supremely white, cis, heteronormative, capitalist, colonial, ableist, patriarchal hellscape in which we live.

Ibis House enshrines work that quietly(/loudly) shatters universes(/hellscapes), devastates and destroys and rebuilds, sets hearts chortling. Stuff that’s experimental but not avant-garde—totally vital. Writing that works to stifle the status quo. Work that might not find a home anywhere else.

We pay contributors and Ibis House offers readers the opportunity to easily 'tip' authors after reading their work.

In 2018, Subbed In/IbisHouse released a free ebook PDF entitled SLAB SERIF – An anthology of writing from Ibis House 2018. Dig it and download it.

Enjoy your stay at Ibis House and don't forget to tip the author 💅 💖💚