poem i enjoy more than i do him • parched


poem i enjoy more than i do him

i want you to think i am proximate to magic if not magic herself
i am so mutable i believe i have come the closest i can
i have run out of tricks to surprise you with
i wish i would stop being tender & easily imprinted upon

because my body is a byproduct of reactions   i have adopted make me feel as my anthem
the biggest turn on lies      in reciprocity
i begin to trust you with fragments of my poetry but i
overestimate a man’s capacity at desire       you end

with my body i earn a whiplash & a blush
i want to ask      what will you do to me
& be honey in your hands but
these sag thighs don’t chase

part for pleasure
cure a bitterness with chai sweetened lips
fold    spread      pucker
i enter myself before you      i must love you


looking for something to pacify me from being idle so
i cut up a papaya & slot a wobbly orange unit into my mouth, suckle
i may only have two mouths, one for eating & the other
for this precise amount of ambiguous

liken dried flaked skin round edge of
lip to desiccated coconut
because even the lack of
moisture can be a revelation

                          i am resistant to veganism
                the same reason
                a white person
                might reject the concept of
        race: the desire
                to participate in

for a snack crunch a sheet of roasted laver
in folding between fingers then wrap
tongue around, give water

is how it feels
to at once be exalted
by salt & devastate
the most delicate


About the author

Zhi is a Malaysian poet on Ngunnawal country, now existing as the esoteric wormhole known as Canberra. She loves cooking, nourishing & drive thru's. Zhi also enjoys obsessively changing her bio on Instagram and being mediocre & joyous as McNuggets.

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