thank youse 💐

thank you to everyone who participated in Sad by Sad West in Sydney and Melbourne! it was truly a magical time. thanks heaps to Lesstalk Records for the collaboration, tireless hard work and championing poetry and prose. thanks so much to everyone who helped out in myriad ways along the way; shoutout to James, Matt, Yas, Neck, Kat, Sunny, Alex, Kristen, Holly, Angela, Rory, Justine, Nicole, Dean, Nathan, Cam, Aiden, Erin, Chris, Rosie (sorry if we forgot anyone!). shoutout and hearts to all the venues (Wrangler StudiosReverence HotelBeatdisc RecordsBlack Wire Records) and all the non-venues too! thank you times one million glorious ibis to all the performers; youse are all amazing and it was real nice making new friends ❤ most of all thank you to everyone who rocked out to a pub, respectfully crammed into a record store or studio space, huddled beneath a tarp in the rain, occupied a backyard, and filled out a laneway to support local talents. pics and videos forthcoming. bless and ibisspeed ❤❤❤ 
[pictured: Allison Gallagher reading at Beatdisc Records // photo by ZK Photo]

Dan Hogan