thank you

mega thank you to everyone you rocked out for subbed in: XXL <3 and also mega thanks to NYWF for having us. it was truly an extra extra special time.

despite what it looks like, the ppl in these grainy as heck iphone pics are doing more than looking at their phones / they are in fact mid-making hearts sing/cry/hurt/giggle

sevana ohandjanian & emma rayward

alex griffin & kat gillespie

stacey teague & tahlia chloe

dan hogan, holly isemonger, david tran & patrick lenton

romy durrant & mike day

not pictured: all our amazing video contributors! thank you autumn royal, katherine botten, holly childs, almond diamond, giulia mccool, cody edwards, eliza rite, kenji khozoei, emma marie jones & zoe dzunko 🙏

the beautiful audience


see youse next time xx

Subbed In