Subbed In is publishing a new book by Patrick Lenton


Pictured: No word of a lie! Actual footage & photo of the moment the paparazzi ‘papped’ Subbed In signing a contract with Patrick Lenton to publish Patrick’s brilliant full length book 'Uncle Hercules and Other Lies'


Subbed In is pleased to announce we've signed a contract for a new full length book by Patrick Lenton, slated for release in late 2018.

Prepare to have your heart warmed, tickled, shattered, and put back together with sticky tape as ‘Uncle Hercules and Other Lies’ barrels through a collection of mirthful and tender micro-(non)fictions. Shortlisted for the Scribe Nonfiction Prize, Uncle Hercules and Other Lies details a series of small, incroyable fibs and bad life choices. Think Lydia Davis meets Arthur Bradford but on a chair lift; or John Waters meets Leslie Knope by a happenchance procured by a snake. Also, Skyrim Dog.

A bit about Patrick

Patrick Lenton is a Sydney based writer and author. His writing has featured in publications like The Best Australian Stories, Best Australian Comedy Writing, The Lifted Brow, Kill Your Darlings, Scum Mag and more. He is a regular contributor to The Guardian, Daily Life, VICE and other publications. His first book of short stories is called A Man Made Entirely of Bats, and was shortlisted for the MUBA award. He works as a staff writer for Junkee. He Tweets @patricklenton

A bit about Subbed In

Subbed In is an independent literary organisation and small press based in Sydney, Australia. Subbed In aims to amplify underrepresented stories and herald literature from new and exciting voices. As well as publishing books, they also run a regular reading series and online lit mag, Ibis House

Stay tuned for more news re Uncle Hercules and Other Lies 😎

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Date of release: August 2018
Title: Uncle Hercules and Other Lies
Author: Patrick Lenton
Publisher: Subbed In
ISBN: 978-0-6481475-3-4