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The Subbed In Super Bundle includes:

  • The Naming by Aisyah Shah Idil

  • Parenthetical Bodies by Allison Gallagher

  • Girls and Buoyant by Emily Crocker

  • Limited edition ibis tote bag

  • Poetry bookmark

  • Ibis temporary tattoo

  • Ibis fridge magnet

  • Random zine from our collection

The Naming by Aisyah Shah Idil is full of surprises as this remarkable debut collection pulls apart the threads of liminality and traces their paths across culture, family, and environment. Shah Idil’s experimental sense provides a transformative frame for an uncompromising lyricism, pushing outwards beyond the pages and prodding at the edges of memory and oblivion. Shah Idil’s work is magical and relentless, brimming with love.

Girls and Buoyant by Emily Crocker complicates home and family in her debut book, Girls and Buoyant. With sensitivity and wry observation, Crocker explores old suburbs and new loves at the intersections of intimate moments and where late capitalism pokes at our lives. Girls and Buoyant is a striking debut poetry collection as Crocker presents an unflinching examination of life outside the margins of the urbanised middle class.

Parenthetical Bodies by Allison Gallagher holds you close and says “it’s okay, things are weird”. These poems are about what it takes to be in and amongst bodies, to be loving and empathetic in the internet age, or to survive in a city being slowly crushed under the weight of its own housing bubble. In Parenthetical Bodies, hope glimmers and shakes as Gallagher entwines tenderness and heartache, surfing dogs and estrogen pills. Gallagher’s debut collection is packed with writing that is instantly loveable, as eviscerating as it is gentle.

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