exquisite corpse 17 may 2015


There once was a bear that went to the fair. And he got two chicks to show him their boobs there. The bear took off his dress and put it in the oven. He said ‘Now it’s nice and toasty for you’ and put it on his dog, Annabelle. Then his wife walked in. His wife was well known to all from the Presbytarian Pescatarian Society and their 2010 scandal involving a goldfish. Which the dominant of the group repeatedly swallowed and regurgitated as a live art performance piece at MoMA. That’s how I remember receiving my first candy from my grandfather. He unwrapped them one by one and put each piece in his mouth until he couldn’t fit any more in. It really was unfortunate because she wanted to masturbate but she had eaten too much food - she would attempt it then let one hand brush over her stomach, be so truly horrified that she would roll over, close her eyes with hands on her tummy like a pregnant woman crying in fetal position. The bear took the bus to the city and smoked secretly the whole way. He bought a nice pink ribbon for the pregnant woman and then wrapped it around his penis which he’d cut off and prepared earlier. He gave it to her. She was no longer upset. In fact she was hungry. So with a sigh she gathered all her green bags and went to Coles.

by Dan, Susie, Tahlia, Holly and Romy