💥manuscript callout💥

subbed in is now accepting manuscript submissions for a new project involving the publication of three chapbooks by three NSW-based writers in 2017.

The submission period is open from January 20, 2017 - March 20, 2017 (closing at midnight AEST). Please email submissions to submissions@subbed.in

subbed in welcomes all voices to submit work and encourages work by writers from marginalised and underrepresented backgrounds and stories.

The callout is open to writers at any stage of their career but we also strongly encourage emerging writers, young writers, and writers who have not previously published a book.

We are interested in publishing poetry and prose. This could be an opportunity to finally finish those poems, polish off a novella or bring together those essays. We are also open to hybrid collections; for example: poetry and short stories, poetry and essays; as well as experimental work.

We can’t wait to read your stuff! Please find the submission guidelines and more details below.

Submission Guidelines:

  • We will be accepting poetry, fiction, nonfiction and hybrid manuscripts.
  • The manuscript must be chapbook length (approximately 15-40 pages, though that is just a guideline).
  • If your work is prose, we’re interested in collections and works that are 10,000 - 17,500 words (again, this is just a guideline).
  • Submissions will be open from 20 January 2017 - 20 March 2017.
  • Manuscripts will be accepted via email: submissions@subbed.in
  • Attach your manuscript as a single .doc or .docx file (not a .pdf).
  • Author must be NSW based.
  • subbed in will choose up to 3 manuscripts.
  • Submissions will be read by Stacey Teague and Dan Hogan.
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine but please inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • Your manuscript can contain previously published work but ensure you include an acknowledgments page for the pieces previously published.

What to expect if your manuscript is selected for publication:

  • Collaboration with an editor to bring your work to a high standard.
  • Collaboration with a designer to work on the layout and cover of your book.
  • A first print run of 50 copies of your book with sights set on a second print run.
  • Your book will be professionally printed and perfectly bound and assigned an ISBN.
  • A contract and renumeration will be negotiated after selection.
  • subbed in will organise and host a book launch event for your publication.
  • subbed in will promote and distribute your book to stores across Australia, online, and at events.

Is there an entry fee or reading fee?

Nope! It is free to submit and we will respond to all submissions.

What is a chapbook?

A chapbook is generally a book that is approximately 15 - 40 pages in length. Have a look at these websites here and here for more information. If your manuscript is prose, ‘chapbook length’ is approximately 10,000 - 17,500 words. If you have any further questions, please get in touch by emailing hello@subbed.in

Does my manuscript need to be finished when I submit it?

We strongly encourage emerging writers and writers who have not published a book previously. This does mean your manuscript will need to be complete in terms of length but if your submission is a collection of poems, essays, or stories and there are a few pieces you think need working then we’re happy to work on those with you to bring them to a standard you’re happy with.

Please check the ‘publications’ section of the subbed in website for reference.

This project is supported by the Writing NSW Grants Program, a devolved funding program administered by the NSW Writers’ Centre on behalf of the NSW Government and Arts NSW.