meet the 2017 subbed in chapbook authors


Exciting news!

We are stoked to announce three authors whose chapbooks subbed in will be publishing this year.

Between January and March this year, subbed in received over 70 manuscripts from writers across New South Wales in response to our first manuscript callout. Selecting work for publication was a long and challenging process but we were immensely humbled by the response and the privilege to read so many people’s work as well as the high quality of the submissions.

*Drum roll*

We are beyond thrilled to announce subbed in will be publishing poetry collections by Aisyah Shah Idil, Allison Gallagher and Emily Crocker.

Here’s a little about our 2017 chapbook authors.

Allison Gallagher is a writer and poet living in Sydney. Their work focuses on trans identity and has been published by Overland, Southerly and Scum Mag, among others. Parenthetical Bodies is their first chapbook.

Aisyah Shah Idil is an Australian poet whose work has been featured in the Islamic Museum of Australia, Language on the Move, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Digging Deep, Facing Self International anthology.

Emily Crocker writes and performs poetry. You might have seen her recently at BAD!SLAM!, Noted Festival, Loose Leaf Literature, Unspoken Words, or Word in Hand. Emily can also be found arranging workshops, encouraging young folks to give poetry a crack, or scribbling a quick audience-inspired poem whilst manning the door at Enough Said in Wollongong. She is learning to bake bread and always enjoys a hug if that’s your thing too.  

Throughout the coming months we’ll be announcing more about each author and their work as well as details about their book launch. Stay tuned friends! 💕 

This project is supported by the Writing NSW Grants Program, a devolved funding program administered by the NSW Writers’ Centre on behalf of the NSW Government and Arts NSW.