Live Review: Seen&Heard

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Jini Maxwell

Photo by Caleb Triscari

'Speakers Zhi Yi Cham, Tanya Ali, Mimi Lee, Kait Fenwick, Jessie Perrin, & Jini Maxwell commanded the audiences’ attention, with stories from chicken soup, community, relationships, and the reality of marginalised lives. Poignant lines like, “mapped bodies draped like protest banners,” and, “the biggest turn-on lies in reciprocity,” had me reaching for the poet’s social media, thirsty for more.' - Samantha Hughes, AAA-Backstage 💥

Read Samantha's full live review at AAA Backstage.

Huge thanks to everyone who made the Seen&Heard launch a special time on the weekend, including all the bands: ArafuraCanineSPORTS BRA, & carb on carb 💕 

Also, big congratulations to Erin O'Brien & Mikhaila Jurkiewicz on their stellar project. Youse should check their exhibition at TekMinimal from 27 July to see the amazing portraits included in the zine 💕