subbed in event #1: if you're reading at this it's too late


subbed in has kicked off!

thanks everyone for braving the sweltering heat and pouring rain to enthusiastically cram into a small space and enjoy the readings :)

eliza rite reading at “if you’re reading at this it’s too late”

thanks to all the readers too! we’re going to feature some of the poems and stories from the afternoon/eve on the blog in the coming weeks 

here’s the readers and their twitters:

Kenji Khozoei @mfkenji

Emma Rayward @afinedeadsound

Jack Lanagan Dunbar

Tahlia Chloe @tahliaxchloe

Cody Edwards @hashbrowneye

Oliver Mol @Oliver_Mol

Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton

Eliza Rite @elizarite

Susannah Jack

Holly May @hisemonger

also want to say thank u to the ppl who attended the spreecast. the spreecast definitely didn’t kick-off without a hitch and thanks for putting up with all the technical hitches, i.e. me stuffing up

you can watch the spreecast in two tantalising parts here and here

[quokka emoji] and see you soon