😋subbed in today!😋


subbed in is ON this arvo/this eve! come thru Down / Under Space at Freda’s 5-7pm. $5 entry (includes a complimentary ibis-eating-garbage sticker or fridge magnet of your choice/dreams). drink & food & books & zines will be available. not to mention performances by the brightest literary sparks! see youse there 



Subbed in presents a night of literary readings at Freda’s basement, Down / Under Space with performances by:

Marcus Whale

Shirley Le

Oliver Mol

Astrid Lorange

Liz Duck Chong

Stephen Pham

Elliot Holder

TJ Cheen

Susannah Jack

Victoria Manifold

doors @ 5pm

entry $5 (entry includes a free ibis-eating-garbage sticker or fridge magnet of your choice/dreams)

drinks and food available

we’ll also be selling books, zines, and broadsides by local writers

access to the space is via stairs. if you require assistance with access please get in touch: hello[at]subbed.in

subbed in meets on the stolen land of First Nations People - the Cadigal Wangal people of the Eora Nation are the traditional custodians of the land. we pay respects to elders past and present and acknowledge this land was never ceded, sold, or given up.

see youse there :)