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We surpassed our target of $2000 after only 6 days! Huge thank you to everyone who contributed. We can't wait to make it rain rewards. The good news is we can now publish three of the finalists' chapbooks! Due to achieving the initial target so quickly we have decided to stretch our target to $5000+. If you would like to see Subbed In publish more than three books, please consider contributing! The sky is the limit! Basically, every time we raise $1000 we can publish another chapbook. Here's a breakdown of what the funds would facilitate:

$2000 = 3 chapbooks

$4000 = 5 chapbooks

$6000 = 7 chapbooks

$8000 = 9 chapbooks

$10,000 = 11 chapbooks

$12,000 = 13 chapbooks

$13,000 = 14 chapbooks



$50+: Your choice of any 3 Subbed In chapbooks. Delivered in December 2018.

$200+: Signed first editions of each chapbook published. Plus a special Subbed In merch package that isn't available online. Delivered in December 2018.

$500+: A special thank you including your name will be published in the acknowledgement section of the books. Plus signed first editions of each chapbook published and a special Subbed In merch package that isn't available online. Delivered in December 2018.

πŸ’šπŸ’– More funds=more books πŸ’–πŸ’š

Last year's winners

Here's a book that holds you close and says β€œit’s okay, things are weird”. Alli's poetry explores what it takes to be in and amongst bodies, to be loving and empathetic in the internet age. Hope glimmers and shakes as Alli entwines tenderness and heartache, surfing dogs and estrogen pills. A debut collection that is instantly loveable; as eviscerating as it is gentle.

This remarkable debut collection pulls apart the threads of liminality and traces their paths across culture, family, and environment. Shah Idil’s experimental sense provides a transformative frame for an uncompromising lyricism, pushing outwards beyond the pages and prodding at the edges of memory and oblivion. Shah Idil’s work is magical and relentless, brimming with love.


Crocker complicates home and family in her debut book, Girls and Buoyant. With sensitivity and wry observation, Crocker explores old suburbs and new loves at the intersections of intimate moments and where late capitalism pokes at our lives. This striking debut poetry collection presents an unflinching examination of life outside the margins of the urbanised middle class.