the MFA circlejerk cycle



(on reading James Franco’s ‘Acting Tips’)


Let me tell you a story:
no show & all tell,
just like everyone ever
told you never to do.

“There’s never been a book quite like this” Frank Bidart
& “We leave the movie theater a little wiser” Anne Waldman
endorse James Franco’s $em-$eff-$ay

body /
          (of work)

$that could do$
$to have its auteur$
$read more, ‘n’ edit harder$

I bemoan these poets
worth their salt;
but guess we’ve all got bills
to pay.

– do you reckon he likes Bukowski,
asks bestie;

– lolololol only w/ loaded fries
probs eats cheezels out of
martini glasses, my smartarse answer;

we all were aching to be stylish, once.

want ‘Acting Tips’, James?
Harold and Kumar did love each other.
It doesn’t matter what label that love has

we all still love them.


About the author

Gemma Mahadeo is a Melbourne/Narrm-based writer and performer whose family emigrated from England to Australia in 1987. Their work has appeared in publications such as Cordite, Rabbit, Peril, Plumwood Mountain, and The Suburban Review. They regularly review Victorian beer for Froth. Find them online on Twitter: @snarkattack; Instagram: @eatdrinkstagger &

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