OUT NOW︱Uncle Hercules and other lies, by Patrick Lenton


OUT NOW! Uncle Hercules and other lies, by Patrick Lenton.

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If you’re in Sydney, join us for a book launch event on Thursday 24 October at Freda’s, including performances by Patrick Lenton, Jordan Raskopolous, Snake Pit, Emma Wortley, and Emma and Hannah Jenkins (via the majesty of video). Full details here >

Uncle Hercules and other lies, by Patrick Lenton

Uncle Hercules and Other Lies is a book of true stories about the nature of lies. The stories range from silly to sadly funny, and include stories that are about queer identity in action, rather than queer identity in theme—you're not gonna read a coming out story. But every story is queer culture! Also, Skyrim Dog.

Prepare to have your heart warmed, tickled, shattered, and put back together with sticky tape as Uncle Hercules and other lies barrels through a collection of tender and tenderised non-fictions.

Shortlisted for the Scribe Non-fiction Prize, Uncle Hercules and other lies is gooey with incroyable half-fibs, formative moments, and bad life choices.

Praise for Uncle Hercules and other lies:

Wonderful, infectious and genuinely hilarious. Patrick Lenton is the Cormac McCarthy of being a huge idiot.’

- Ben Jenkins (Story Club, Dragon Friends, The Checkout)

‘Patrick’s writing inspires something unusual in me: the desire to hear men tell me stories.’

- Rebecca Shaw (No To Feminism, Get Krack!n, Tonightly)

‘Like Sedaris, Lenton is hugely entertaining, which renders occasional moments of emotional tenderness all the more poignant.’

- Books+Publishing


First edition. Perfect bound. 168 pages.

ISBN: 9780648147534

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